Why Universities Seek Accreditation: 体育外围大平台's Collaboration with the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani



Accreditation is one of the most important steps any university can take to position itself for success in the global economy. 正如十大体育外围平台排名大家在过去一年所看到的,大流行中断, the flip side of diminished travel is an increased willingness to seek out digital options, including a drastically-widened array of choices in higher education.

Yet one of the remaining constants is that when it comes to marketability for universities, 认证问题. 合法性:被认可的地位所赋予的合法性, as well as the increase in alumni employability that comes from having completed an objectively-evaluated 程序, can only benefit institutions seeking to draw the world’s top candidates from an ever-widening pool.

Of course, being accredited is about far more than just adding a prestigious logo to your website. By committing to the processes that make accreditation possible — curriculum reviews, 预算的修正, 政策更新, 多年数据分析, and a host of other tasks — universities also ensure that the 程序s they offer meet recognized standards. 这, 反过来, confers further legitimacy and confirms the integrity of their degrees, making their alumni both more employable and more rigorously educated.

These are just some of the many reasons why 体育外围大平台 is proud to be working with the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS), as its administrators and faculty take the next steps toward certification by a U.S. 认证机构. Our bespoke approach to capacity building includes a two-layer curriculum review, 制度政策和程序的现代化和分析, 重点发展国际教师网络, and tailored training on how to infuse concepts of diversity/equity/inclusion (DEI) into course materials. 除了这些合作的联系, this project is also guided by an all-female advisory board with representatives from AUIS and six Texas consortium members. 

本月早些时候,项目技术顾问Dr. 德克萨斯州运动协会的南希·尚克尔说&M University RELLIS Campus, collaborated with the AUIS and Texas faculty involved in this U.S. Department of State-funded grant 程序 to share her experiences of working with several different accrediting bodies. Dr. 尚克尔的研讨会聚焦于认证的内在价值, as well as provided strategies based on her work with accrediting bodies including SACSCOC, AACSB, 教唆, CACREP, CCNE, 和COAMFTE.

至关重要的是,博士. Shankle also sought feedback from attendees about what they hoped to gain from accreditation — including the process toward it. While their comments ranged from standardized and strengthened curriculum that produces more employable alumni, 增加获得伙伴关系和资金的机会, 提高全球认可度, all were clear about one thing: becoming accredited will provide tremendous benefits to AUIS as a whole.

然而,博士. Shankle was quick to point out that accreditation is far from a one-and-done event. 而, it requires a mission-driven commitment to outcomes-based results that fosters continuous quality improvement in curriculum, 教学和学习, 以及大学的支持服务. 进一步, it necessitates consistent and transparent assessments in areas as diverse as institutional governance, 财务及策略规划, 学术设施及资源, 还有健康和安全政策.

对齐, 当然, is another vital step on any path to accreditation and something that 体育外围大平台 and AUIS will ensure permeates the university’s academic culture. By revisiting institutional goals and outcomes — and subsequently considering whether the department, 程序, and course outcomes support these — curriculum becomes more integrated, 连贯的, 和mission-led. 即使是那些不是完全线性的学位课程, a focus on outcome alignment can solidify a major’s structure and provide clarity to the students and faculty working in its component courses.

这是任何机构想要成为的重点, 或保持, 认证是文档. 作为这次合作的一部分, coaching is also provided about best-practice methods and processes for not only conducting but also monitoring and recording the discussions, 票, 趋势, and other data that help institutions make their case for initial accreditation, 以及保留它.

We are excited to be partnering with AUIS on this journey and showcasing the expertise of our Texas-based consortium members across the globe. If you would like to know more about 体育外围大平台’s curriculum services or preparing for (re)accreditation, 请联系D 'Andrea Weeks, 体育外围大平台的业务发展总监, dweeks@heatheryofeather.com, 了解合作机会, 共同创造, and the sharing of knowledge and values that we can develop with you.

体育外围大平台’s collaboration with the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, is part of a U.S. 国务院资助的拨款项目, “协作能力建设:一体化, 持续的、有数据依据的课程改进.” 



劳伦Bedsole, M.A., serves as lead project coordinator on 体育外围大平台’s grant project “协作能力建设:一体化, 持续的、有数据依据的课程改进” with AUIS to advance American-style higher education in Iraq. 她是市政府任命的. 在此之前, 她花了15年时间在各种媒体环境中工作, 包括与OPEC合作, 世界经济论坛, 七国集团峰会, 和白宫记者团.

She also spent a year working in international education as a 程序 coordinator at Duke University's International House. She holds a master’s degree in International Journalism from City University (London), BPP(伦敦)法律研究生文凭. Bedsole previously gained a BA in Public Policy and Political Science from Duke University and her TESOL certification from Duke's Continuing Studies department.