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体育外围大平台有幸请到Dr .. 德克萨斯A队的南希·尚克尔(Nancy Shankle&M University RELLIS Campus as a technical advisor for policy and procedure as part of 体育外围大平台’s collaboration with the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS). Dr. Shankle’s work with AUIS’ leadership to streamline and modernize the university’s policies for students, faculty, and university-wide procedures plays a key role in fulfilling this project’s grant objectives. 体育外围大平台 is also committed to ensuring that AUIS’ academic programs and courses are well-aligned and inclusive of a diverse body of students, 同时为教师提供体育外围大平台参与全球事务的机会.

Liberal education was once the highest form of education available for a free society. The term originated in classical times when liberal education referred to the education provided to free citizens. 其实,根源的起源 liberal is liberalis 意思是适合自由的人. 它的目的是装备富人, 让公民自由地领导社区,接受全面的教育. In contrast, vocational and technical education focused narrowly on skills and trades appropriate for slaves and common workers.

在美国的大学, this tradition of liberal education expanded into public education available to all people. 这是通往美国梦的道路. A university education provided not only essential skills leading to good jobs but also a well-rounded education to support our communities. 毕业生会是更好的思考者, 支持公益事业, and contribute to society while also providing an educated workforce for the benefit of their families and their communities.

随着时间的推移,一些人把自由教育与政治意识形态混淆了. 这不是自由派和. 保守的教育. 相反,它是一种超越政治理念的教育哲学.

Today, this philosophy of liberal education still holds the promise of a new future for individuals and their communities. American baccalaureate degrees begin with two years of study in general education courses in the liberal education tradition. These courses are the foundation for focused study in a disciple or profession and include the following essential elements:

  • Knowledge 人类文化,物质和自然世界, 通常包括艺术课程, language, literature, music, psychology, anthropology, math, and science;

  • 智力和实践技能 如调查, 解决问题, 以及创新和量化素养, 信息素养, teamwork, 口头和书面沟通能力;

  • Values 这巩固了民主社会, 尤其是司法, human dignity, freedom, self-governance, 公平和机会的获取;

  • 参与学习 with opportunities to apply knowledge and skills to real world problems; and

  • 包容性和欢迎 learning communities that foster a sense of belonging among all students and encouraging them to learn from one another.

Some people have forgotten the value of these foundational courses and narrowly focus on skills-based courses leading to professions in engineering, medicine, or technology. 没有基础的博雅教育课程, though, people may gain a vocation but lose the freedom of thought and benefit to society at large. Moreover, students who major in humanities and social sciences serve our communities as educators, social workers, 公共管理者, artists, journalists, writers, and more, 从而为十大体育外围平台排名所有人创造更好的社会. 没有对自由教育的坚定承诺, 社会慢慢渴求使社区繁荣的自由.

The 德州十大体育外围平台排名联盟 project has allowed me and other participants the opportunity to work with administrators and faculty at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, 向整个学院灌输博雅教育的理念, 从教师专业发展开始, 政策和程序, 和课程评估. 


  • 检讨政策及程序,以确保对正义理想的承诺, human dignity, equity, 以及机会的获取.

  • Reviewed new course and degree proposal processes to ensure that new degrees and courses include diversity and equity awareness in learning outcomes, activities, 和阅读材料.

  • Reviewed courses and degree programs to ensure student learning outcomes and program outcomes include intellectual skills 如调查, 解决问题, 批判性思维, 创新思维是博雅教育的基础.

  • Developed a syllabus template that ensures courses use inclusive and welcoming language and that student learning outcomes and assessments align with liberal education elements listed above.

  • Revised student policies to ensure AUIS is an inclusive and welcoming community for all students and that judicial processes are based on justice, fairness, and due process.

  • 在制定课程大纲方面为教师提供专业发展, 学习活动, and assessment measures using the elements of liberal education throughout their curriculum.

AUIS is built on this grand tradition of a liberal education to equip students for contributing to personal careers and to the advancement of their communities. 感谢体育外围大平台与AUIS的合作, we have strengthened AUIS in its mission to provide a liberal education to its students. 你可以从他们修改的学位课程和学习策略中看到证据. 你们可以看到他们的毕业生每天都在改变世界.


南希·Shankle Ph值.D.
德克萨斯大学负责学术事务的副校长&M University System; Provost, RELLIS Academic Alliance

他是博雅教育的坚定信徒.Shankle获得了Texas a .的文学学士和英语文学硕士学位&M University-Commerce. 她获得了德克萨斯a大学的英语哲学博士学位&M大学,学院站. Her previous academic administration appointments include positions at Abilene Christian University; Texas A&M-University-Texarkana; and LSU-Shreveport. 除了众多的教学优秀奖项,博士. 尚克尔发表过关于语言学和语法焦虑的文章,并进行了编辑 把单词. 她也曾出席国际会议, national, 以及地区性的认证会议, assessment, 和美国文学. In 2011, Dr. 尚克尔被授予弗朗西斯·埃尔南德斯优秀教学奖, Scholarship, 大学英语教师大会服务. Dr. 尚克尔被任命为德州大学年度行政长官&2016年,德克萨卡纳M大学. 

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